IT Property

Impressive Real Estate Joomla Template with unmatched functionality and a breathtaking design.

As you may already know, experience in any field makes your an expert in what you do. But true love for what you do design will make you a genius. Now that you learned the secret to our Premium Joomla Themes, let’s see what makes so awesome our IT Property 3 Theme :)

Breathtaking design and unmatched functionality are what describes best our IT Property 3 Joomla Theme. Featuring one of the best Real Estate extensions (iProperty) your website should be considered finished before its even started. Why?
Having all the elements already integrated, all you have to do is change the logo and add your properties. Of course, you should still contact your users when they inquiry for a house...

As soon a visitor opens your website, a big slideshow with some very cool transitions will warmly welcome them.You already know that you have 2-3 seconds to get their attention. Also, an interesting feature is the fixed header which provides an advantage in the usability aspect, especially if your website has lots of content below the fold, in this case, lots of properties.

Make sure that you check all the Template styles (6 available) from the switcher on the right of the screen, so that your project will have the exact required color scheme. As a tradition on our recent theme collection, the last style is black. There’s always the case when you plan to use this Premium Theme for project rather than Real Estate and we guarantee that it will work more than fine.

We recommend that you take the time to browse the demo and check every instance of it, especially the pages under the marvelous iProperty component. Also, make sure you don't miss the “pages” section (offline, error etc). which are very needed for all kind of websites..

Awesome features

  • Fully responsive Joomla 3.x theme
  • Real Estate ready theme built-in with iProperty component
  • Full-width Slideshow with amazing transitions
  • Unmatched functionality and breathtaking design.
  • 6 Beautiful Template Styles
  • Customized Blog section
  • 8 Custom pages
  • Built in with LESS CSS
  • Bootstrap framework ready

iProperty is a commercial / paid 3rd party component for Joomla. Therefore, it is not available inside IceTheme Template Package. In order to use iProperty, you need to purchase it from TheThinkery website