IT Political

Inspired from the American flag, IT Political 3, with its 6 available color styles, can to be the perfect choice for any political party website around the world.

Our Premium Joomla Themes, for a very long time, have been reorganized for their almost-perfect layouts and structures. Attention to details is imperative, which its clearly spotted on any of our designs. In the end, all you want is that your website can stand-out from the crowd, to amaze your visitors, and to clearly convey its message.

With a first look at the DEMO, you will immediately notice an awesome slideshow, and to convey a sense of seriousness, we have chosen a simple fade effect, but you may change the transition and much more based to your custom project needs. Also, just to let you know, you may display on the slideshow a video from youtube or vimeo as well.

Having 6 available colors schemes, ranging from Skyline (blue) to Dark Wool (black), you can be sure to choose the style that fits best to your website project. Any of the available styles is crafted to perfection, with an “extreme attention” to match the colors with each other.

As all our Premium Joomla Themes, IT Political 3 is fully responsive (mobile-friendly), Your users browsing from a smartphone will have the same amazing experience as those browsing from their desktop.

To finish, we would recommend that you fully take the time to browse IT Political 3 Demo and to enjoy its beauty. Make sure that you don't miss the inner pages, like the Offline and Error pages, which are completely adapted for this Premium Joomla Theme.

Awesome features

  • Fully responsive Joomla 3.x theme
  • Unmatched functionality and breathtaking design
  • 6 Beautiful Template Styles
  • Customized Blog section
  • 8 Custom pages
  • Built in with LESS CSS
  • Bootstrap framework ready