Use this membership plan if you just started with Joomla CMS and you have 1 project to work with.

  • 1 Premium Theme
  • 2 months membership
  • Sample Data Included
  • Support included
  • 10% off on renewal
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You have up to 3 Joomla websites to work on and you require additional support time from our Support team.

  • 3 Premium Themes
  • 6 months membership
  • Sample Data Included
  • Support included
  • 10% off on renewal
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$150 $200

Your clients are knocking everyday on your door and you plan to build many projects along the way.

  • Unlimited Premium Themes
  • 1 year membership
  • Sample Data Included
  • Prioritized Support
  • 20% off on renewal
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We have been using Icetheme Template for a number of years with great success. I find their attention to detail very unique in all of their work. Their Joomla Templates have been easy to work with as well as being modified to match the clients unique design ...

Aaron Brown Aaron Brown

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Do I have to pay again to use my chosen theme?

Of course No, you may keep using your chosen themes for life without the need to pay us again. Enjoy IceTheme!

What is Clone Installer (Quickstart package)?

Clone Installer is a very handful tool for you to make your website exactly as you see on our Demo (within 15 min). It will save you lots of time with configurations and settings. Clone Installer package is included on all membership plans.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Can I upgrade my membership? Yes, of course you can upgrade at a higher plan at any moment during your membership and pay only the difference of price between the two memberships. Just log into your account and hit the “Upgrade Membership” button on the bottom of the page.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept all major Credit Cards and Paypal as well. However, you may contact us if you would like to pay through Bank Transfer or Western Union.

What happens when my IceTheme Membership expires?

When your membership expires you cannot log into your account anymore, download our Premium Themes or get Support. However, you can still use the themes already installed during your membership.

Do you offer Refunds?

Yes, we have a 14 days Money Back Guarantee program, which enables you to request a refund without any questions. Our goal is to build a Happy Community with 100% satisfied members.

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