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Welcome to the New Forum

Hi everyone,

We've just released our new support system. Clients of paid membership, feel free to post using the same credentials of your IceTheme account. Clients of free themes, you are welcome to post as guests.

With this new system, you can share solutions with other clients and also communicate with them via messages.
Private information such as back end or FTP is submitted in a section of the post, which is visible only to IceTheme team, so your data is secure.

The posts that are already opened in http://support.icetheme.com will be replied there.

So, log into IceTheme, upload your avatar in the support account and start getting help and suggestions from other people :).

Have a great day!

P.S. If you need further information about the support system, make sure to read our blog at http://www.icetheme.com/blog/general-news/new-support-system-at-icetheme
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