I tried using the contact form but my message keeps getting flagged as spam. The issue of Home Decor is not resolved, I still want a refund.
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    Thursday, March 02 2017, 09:05 AM - #Permalink

    Please do not open New Forum Posts for the same issues.
    We have already addressed this request on your previous post here:

    Please reply back there for any follow-up until this matter is resolved.

    As for the contact-form.
    Google ReCaptcha is not showing for you for some reason.
    You can try to check the Contact Form on a different browser, or you can send us an e-mail directly on icethemedesk@gmail.com.
    But this won't make a difference, as I have already passed your request to management, and received a response, as I have replied on your Previous Forum Post, linked above.

    So please check out my reply, and let us know if you have further concerns on the matter,
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