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Is wordpress is better to use? or go with jhoomla
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    Tuesday, June 06 2017, 06:22 PM - #Permalink

    That would be a hard question.
    Since we are a Dedicated Joomla Provider, we would of course advise Joomla.

    I am also personally more inclined in using Joomla.
    From what I have used with Wordpress Themes as well, I find that Joomla offers more managability in terms of module-management than what Wordpress offers with Widgets.
    Joomla also natively has a lot of functionalities that you have to look for and install with Wordpress, such as:
    - Multilingual Capabilities
    - SEO / SEF

    For wordpress you need to install additional Plugins for these basic functionalities that should come out-of-the-box.

    On the other hand, if you are willing to pay for the most premium Theme, like Avada, then you might say Wordpress is better:
    You will have to go through a hard learning-curve, but you will be able to use the same theme for many different Website Designs.

    While with our Joomla Templates, the Clone Package comes mostly pre-built, and I find that the learning curve is much easier.
    Also I find that our pricing is much cheaper than Avadas $60 / website price, especially if you go for our Classic or Developer Membership.

    Joomla is also very easy to modify.
    For Wordpress you will require a higher Developer Knowledge to make the most minor change.

    I hope this helps with your decision,
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