my website is very slow

Hi, i have problem with my website, it is very slow after the last Joomla update, could you please advice me how to solve this issue ?

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Monday, June 12 2017, 03:59 PM - #Permalink

This is strange.
Joomla Actually performs better once Upgraded to V.3.7.x
Especially if the Server's PHP is Version 7+

On What PHP Version are you running on your Server?

Your Website does actually not open at all for me.
My advises would be:

- First of all, try to recall any changes to the Website.
Have you installed any extensions lately? an Extension Component that does not work correctly might crash your website.
I can install the clone Package of IT_Arabia, and I can assure you it will perform better on the latest Joomla, so I think you might have done something else.

- Next, try to consult with your Hosting Provider.
Are you on a Shared Hosting?
If your Shared Account is overburdened by other clients having issues on their websites, you receive a backlash as well.
See if the host is having any issues, and they might also check your website directly and point out what might be wrong.

If you are on a VPS, then check other Websites you are hosting in the same account.
Another of your websites might also be the culprit, as it might be overburdening your server.
Again, checking with your Hosting Provider could point you in the right direction.

Check on the above and let me know how it goes,
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    Friday, July 07 2017, 05:34 PM - #Permalink

    Since this Issue was marked as resolved, I will be closing it.

    For any other questions, please feel free to open a new one,
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