I sucessfully created some license keys today but now I am receiving an error message indicating that the number of license keys is limited to 20. On the other hand the description of the developer membership says "Unlimited Premium Templates". Can you please check this?

Thx and best regards
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    Friday, February 17 2017, 05:48 PM - #Permalink

    Apologies for what has happened, but we have made a system restoration, and it seems we have lost updated from the last 6 days.

    As I have written to you the last time, you currently have 3 Free License Keys to use.

    You have also used different license keys, to activate different templates on the same domain.
    I can clear the ones you are not currently using, and you can then generate new ones again.

    Then above that, we will be generating more Keys manually for you.
    The Developer membership has a 20-keys limit, to avoid spams.

    So please let me know of the License Keys you are not using anymore, and I will delete them.
    Add their IDs here or by PM, and I'll take care of them.

    Awaiting your response,
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