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I have a personal membership and installed the template on a temporary domain while I built the site. I then moved to the permanent domain.

My License keeps changing to other keys about once a week causing me to get an alert to update my license. I go to my IT account and click my permanent domain again and the error goes away. I should not have to do this.

Can you help please? My permanent domain is

Thank you
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    Wednesday, March 29 2017, 06:05 PM - #Permalink

    The License key was linked to another domain for some reason (I sent to you through PM)

    I deleted these entries.
    If the template might still be installed on them, please Uninstall them, as this messes up the License-Key check-up, if the same key is actively placed on more than 1 domain.

    If you require to have a "Dev" Environment, please add it as a Subfolder to your Live Domain, and access it like:

    Note: Do not access as
    This messes up the License Key system again, as it thinks they are different domains.

    Not please check the website, and if this issue happens again (After you have made sure the template is not active on the supplied domains by PM) then please provide a SuperAdmin back-end access to your website, so that I may apply some fixes.

    Awaiting to hear from you,
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