Hacked site maybe?

Hi my site has been up for a few years now using one of the free templates.

I have a feeling somehow my site has been hacked in some way, none of the content has changed but I every month or two I see a new user added to Joomla. My site is up to date with Joomla patches and I also use jhackguard plugin.

Can you please help check and fix my site, I am happy to pay for support.


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    Monday, August 08 2016, 12:44 PM - #Permalink

    Unfortunately the only kind of support we can provide here is about templates/design, not security so in your case we can't really help, honestly.
    I can give you some advice however, you should probably check if you've enabled registration then and disable it if you'd like no new users to register to your site. They are most likely bots/spiders from search engine in order to index your site.

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