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I did not pay attention to an inscription like:

You may try this Premium Template for 7 days. Make sure to activate it during the time to prevent your website from being blocked.
Once Activated, the template will NOT check anymore for key validation on IceTheme server.

After you enter your key below, please Save the settings on the green button above and check your site frontend for validation. If the license key is correct there should be no message or alert whatsoever

NOTICE for localhost:
If you are currently working on localhost you dont need to enter a license key below. Your website will not get blocked after 7 days.

this is normal? Or something happened to my key after switching to ssl
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    Tuesday, May 02 2017, 06:04 PM - #Permalink

    That message is always present on your Template "License Key" TAB.

    Is your website working correctly?
    It should remain activated once switching over to HTTPS.

    Let me know if there are any problems,
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