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I am planning to renew my membership as developer for $75 as part of renewal offer. I would like to know couple of things:
1. How many hours of development would I get with this package ? I got 3 hours earlier with Classic plan
2. It says that I will get photoshop files with this plan. What do you mean ? do you have a collection of photoshop files which I will have access to ?
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    Friday, March 10 2017, 06:14 PM - #Permalink

    The developer plan for $75 is a Membership Plan "Upgrade" feature, not Renewal.

    You are getting the developer membership for an additional $75 (Developer Membership $150 - Classic Membership $75 = $75 {The Upgrade Price})
    You will get an additional 9 months of membership, and Developer-level privileges, as if you had paid the Developer Membership from the start.

    You will not get more free-development hours unfortunately.
    As explained above, the Upgrade feature is as if you had paid the Developer Membership from the start. so no additional hours are offered if you have already used them.

    The Photoshop files are "Layered Image Files".
    They are the visual representation of a Template's Homepage, where design elements can be changed faster before trying to modify the template's design by editing the codes / styles.

    PhotoShop Files have many usages:
    - You can use it to change the Colors and see the results before you do this on your live-site.
    - You can get an idea of the HTML Structure, and make changes to it.
    - Working with PhotoShop files to redesign your website is a lot faster for checking the results before actually doing it to your Live Site, because no coding is involved.
    - You can use this as base to create a completely new Website Design, and create your own Template out of it.

    Basically, they are used by a Web-Designer to create the Joomla Template, which in turn is used to create the end-product Website.
    If you have Web-Design Knowledge and wish to add your own touches to the design of the template, you might find these files useful.

    Let me know if you have further questions on the matter,
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