Please go to website -> "Products" tab

I wanted to change a "TEXT" to an "IMAGE".
You can see in the attached image what I really want.

Attache -> deleted2.png or jpeg


2 -

1170px is the full-width of the website.
1170 / 3 = 390px.
Adding some spacing, around 300px / image - 3 images.

access to my website to test the changes and apply the codes.
Your Website URL: "Site Details"
SuperAdmin Username: "Site Details"
SuperAdmin Password: "Site Details"
FTP Host: "Site Details"
FTP Username: "Site Details"
FTP Password: "Site Details"

3 -

J2STORE can work without "PRICES?"

My client wants in the begining:

Change price to -> "Call" or "More information via phone or email" or "Please Call"

without shopping cart , the only want to present his products without price. In future we will use for ecommerce. In this moment only for apresentation of products.

PS -> I allready did change in "Extension -> Language -> overrides" some "bottons type" to "see or consult". But maybe im changing things that we dont need.....

Thanks in advance
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