• keen it porfolio

    Buenas tardes , he modificado las categorias del componente keen it porfolio pero en la pagina principal siguen apareciendo las mismas. He limpiando cache del navegador y joomla, reconstruido bbdd y pulsado reconsturir en la propia aplicacion. Como puedo modificarlo?...
    IT JDBoston more than a month ago
  • Admin Backend page not opening

    Dear Icetheme, I downloaded this Theme, after following instructions on the installation of the Quickstart Package. The installation was successful. But the problem i encounter was when I wanted to login to the admin page. The package was installed on my localhost. so I followed the link which is this >> http://localhost:8082/votc/administrator/ but the page was just blank. But when I enter the demo site link on thesame localhost it opened the page>> http://localhost:8082/votc/ind...
    IT JDBoston more than a month ago
  • Keen IT Portfolio

    Dear Icetheme I would like to know how to make the title of the Keen IT Portfolio at center like the Demo.? I had reinstall the keen it portfolio because the category of the portfolio steal appear after i changed. But after i reinstall the keen IT the Title of Keen IT not at the middle again, it on the left like the attachment i give please let me know how to do it, i'm working on local server Thanks...
    IT JDBoston more than a month ago - with attachments
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