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IceShortCodes Free Joomla 2.5 & 3 Plugin

Written on 17 April 2013 Written by  Saimir Duma Published in Joomla Extensions
IceShortCodes Free Joomla 2.5 & 3 Plugin

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Adding dynamic content into your Joomla articles and Joomla Custom HTML module has never been easier. With the IceShortCodes plugin, through a very small line of code, you may easily display a tab, accordion, slideshow, tooltips etc. How great can this be?

We all know that installing, publishing and updating Joomla modules requires lots of time and maintenance, without counting the time needed to update and edit of their parameters.

That’s why we have came with the IceShortcodes plugin, which will save you many hours of work in the long run. After you will use for the first time this marvelous pluign you can be sure that you will want to use it for life.

The following shorcodes are available for use:

  1. Buttons
  2. Boxes
  3. Columns
  4. Tooltips
  5. Social
  6. Tabs
  7. Slideshow
  8. Accordion
  9. Gallery (next release)
  10. Stroller (next release)
  11. Modal (next release)
  12. Map (next release)
  13. Video (next release)

Awesome features

  • Available for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.0 versions
  • Very small lines of code to add
  • Works in Joomla Articles and Joomla Custom HTML module
  • Make use of the Bootstrap framework
  • 8 shortcodes available, 5 coming soon
  • Saves dramatically your time and gives you more freedom to work with dynamic content.

To know more of each code and to see the demo please follow the link below:

View Demo

Download for FREE!

Note* This plugin works with Bootstrap framework only.

Saimir Duma

Saimir Duma

I am focused on creating a happy community here at IceTheme, sharing the exciting news of Joomla, making surveys, receiving our valuable member suggestions and of course making the proper changes. I would like to invite all of you to share your thoughts about our work and have your say in each step of IceTheme growth.

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